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Scooby-Doo where are you?

Well, I tried to find the fog photo with the geese in it, but my brain isn’t working and the computer isn’t cooperating.  Oh, well. But I did manage to find another photo that is pretty cool all dressed up in fog.  This one gives off a creepy feel. You almost want to locate the Mystery van, grab Scooby-Doo and high tail it out of there before the Zombie ,who is really old man Jenkins, gets ya.  Ok; so I’m over dramatizing things a bit.

The photo is a bit grainy, but I liked it better that way. It has nothing to do with my lack of photo taking skills.


seeing things that aren’t there

Alright, here’s another of the ghost pictures for you.

Now, I did not take the original photo. And I’m not claiming to have done so. I only, how shall we say, enhanced it a bit.  The original photo is of the grand staircase of a former plantation called Belle Grove. Did you find my enhancement yet?  Look closely.

Fog is so cool

I took this the other morning when it was foggy.  I like how fog can give ordinary things a bit of mystery, don’t you?


Can you find the ghost?

My son and I went on a field trip with his class some weeks back. We went to visit an old plantation. During the entire tour, the guide kept going on and on about the ghost that inhabit the house. She must have mentioned the word at least 40 times just in the parlor alone. It got to be so funny that my son and I started snickering…which only annoyed the lady to no end.

Anyway, when  I downloaded my photos later I thought it would be funny to put my own ghost in one of the  pictures of the house. I picked the ghost of Chloe, a house slave who supposedly murdered the children of one of the former owners way back when.

So  I hunted down an old photo of a former slave woman and then proceeded to photo shop her in.   What you have is the finished picture before you. Can you find her? She really isn’t hard to find. Have fun!

St. Mary’s Church

I went exploring over mother’s day with a friend of mine.  We had a wonderful time running around the country side. Here are a few pics of an old abandoned church from the 1850-1860’s that’s still standing even though the town it served is long gone.

Merry Christmas!